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Melani Beauty of the month is 24 year old model Rahma Mohamed. She has a passion for fashion and we were lucky to talk about her experience as a model.

Hi Rahma, so nice to finally talk to you! Before we get into it, can you first tell us a little bit about yourself?

- Thank you so much! Well I’m 24, a cancer purrr! Born in Baerum and raised in London to finish my education. I am the youngest of 5 girls and because of that I am spoilt :) I’m super duper close to my mum and I value family above all else!

When did your interest for fashion and beauty begin?

- Being raised in London I had fashion inspirations all around me.

"Honestly it all began with having such fashionable sisters".

In school in the UK, we had a strict uniform dress code but I was always getting into trouble for putting my own flare in my uniform, whether it was my skirt being to short or wearing jewelry. I’ve also been rebellious.

You work as fashion model today, how did that start?

- As a teenager I was constantly told that I should be a model and at the time I didn’t have the confidence to do it. When I came back to Norway in 2021 I went to a party and was scouted by a photographer (shoutout to KIM!) who helped me sign with team models.

So what is the funniest part about being a model?

- The fun part, is getting to wear the amazing looks from very talented designers. Love meeting new photographers, stylists and designers. Least favorite part, it can be cold if you’re shooting outside in the winter.

What is it like to be on a shoot or walk on the runway?

- Punctuality is so important in this industry, so I always make sure I have enough time to be on time and relax. The night before I prep my skin, skin care is important and ensure I have a goodnight sleep. Once I have arrived on set they usually start with hair and makeup.

"This is really fun and I ask lots of questions to get more of an insight into different products, and techniques so I’ve learnt a lot of hacks from sitting on the makeup chair".

We then proceed to putting on specific outfit or looks, and then I get started with posing (sometimes the photographer will guide you in whichever pose they would want).

"Most important thing is to listen to the photographer and be relaxed, but also to have fun although it can be nerve wracking in the beginning".

If you could choose 3 brands to walk for which ones would that be?

- I would love work with Chanel, Cartier and Saint Laurent as they would be my top 3, although there is so many other amazing fashion houses too.

How would you describe your style?

- My style varies. It all really depends on my mood. I’m really tomboyish and therefore sometimes like to wear baggy clothes. On the flip side I love wearing dresses that really shows off my long legs and silhouette, on a day to day basis I would say it’s casual smart!

What is typical Rahma in your wardrobe?

- A staple in my wardrobe would be lots of cropped or baby tee’s. I really enjoy wearing different vibrant colors as it makes me feel happy but also looks great with my skin tone.

If you gonna do a touch up during the day, what makeup do you have in your bag?

- Because my makeup is so minimal all I really have with me is my pink Vaseline. It could never go wrong with that!

What is a typical "Rahma" look?

- As of today it’s the no makeup, makeup look. it’s so elegant and simple!

What is your guilty pleasure?

- I get a lot of hate for this guilty pleasure but I love the song “Rockstar” by the Nickelback boys band.

Before our conversation soon comes to and end, can tell us 3 fun facts about

your self?

- I love to sing but I’m terrible, love (going to Bali in nov) and I’m a ambivert (both extroverted + introverted)

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